About Us




Hi, I am Fisayo, founder and CEO of irayo- Home of the SpaPad, and I’m so glad you’re here! My business was started and completely self funded out of my passion to help ease stressful routines for other parents and caregivers.

While other shampoo mats may exist, ours stands apart in its function, quality, and novelty design! My background and clinical expertise as a doctor of physical therapy allowed me to fully customize the SpaPad from scratch on the basis of science. Each dip, divet, and groove was thoughtfully designed to properly distribute pressure, stabilize/align the spine and pelvis while ensuring maximum comfort for your little one. This is truly what helps them to stay still as you wash their hair, change their diaper, or perform the exercises needed to maximize their functional activity.

Our SpaPad has a unique look and design that sets us apart from all others. The material and quality is unmatched from any other shampoo mat. It’s based in science and human anatomy. The SpaPad is not made from cheap foams which can offer an ideal breeding environment for mold and bacteria when water and soaps are constantly introduced. The premium, durable material in the SpaPad is:

•Easy to clean (limits mold and bacteria, won't smell)

•Water resistant (use with or without a towel)

•Soft yet Firm (provides enough support to stabilize the spine but offers superior comfort)


You don't have to worry about what's growing underneath the cover when your precious little one is laying on it. We are safe and got you covered.

Our products are specially curated to be functional and to boast a sleek and timeless looks that accentuates your home. Give us a try, we promise you won’t regret it! Let’s continue to … Create memories, one child at a time.

- Fisayo